Making Reachable Resolutions with Personalized Body Contouring Treatment Plans

If you’re having trouble getting rid of stubborn bulges and rolls, you may be an ideal candidate for non-invasive CoolSculpting® body contouring.

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Resolve to be Healthy

We at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa know how important your health and beauty resolutions are to you. We also know how easy it can be to detour away from your goals, in spite of how earnestly you commit to them as the ball is dropping and the promise of a new year makes you feel invincible to tackle anything, including dropping excess weight. That’s why we offer body contouring with CoolSculpting personalized treatment plans and cost savings on packages in support of your weight-loss journey.

Why choose CoolSculpting as a body contouring solution?

Though you may be active and maintain a commitment to general health, holding on to stubborn fat is a frustrating battle. Keeping up with the cost of trending meal plans and fitness routines can become more of an impediment to health and less like a solution. If you’re having trouble getting rid of stubborn bulges and rolls, you may be an ideal candidate for non-invasive CoolSculpting® body contouring.

At SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa’s locations in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia, non-invasive CoolSculpting treatments freeze away fat and improve the appearance of cellulite with maximum results and minimal downtime. CoolSculpting is a groundbreaking FDA-approved technology that permanently eliminates fat cells by exposing the fatty tissue layer (adipose tissue) to cold temperatures.

What can I expect during a CoolSculpting treatment?

During your treatment, your body sculpting specialist applies the system’s applicators to your targeted area. The CoolSculpting applicator adheres to your body with a gentle sucking action and then sends out waves of cooling energy. While fat cells freeze, it forces them to break apart causing little to no discomfort during permanent removal.

Both men and women can have CoolSculpting treatments applied to:

  • Upper arms
  • Flanks (muffin top)
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Buttocks (banana roll)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper back, like along your bra line  
  • Chin

One of the many reasons why CoolSculpting is such an in-demand service at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa is because you can go right back to your regular activities afterward. If you come in for your body contouring service during lunch or dinner, you can enjoy a complimentary meal, as well as discounted dermal fillers.

CoolSculpting Cost Savings

We offer special promotional pricing for personalized treatment plans. Becoming an Alle member means that you are eligible to earn up to $800 in Alle points during the month of January 2022 with CoolSculpting. Financing options are also available upon request with CareCredit.

Start your CoolSculpting journey today at SkinReMEDI and learn how you can earn up to $800 in rewards to redeem towards future treatments and visits to our medical spa.

Book CoolSculpting at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa Today

If you would like to learn more about body contouring with CoolSculpting, contact a SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa nearest you in Alpharetta and Atlanta, GA today. View real results from our clients on our Body Contouring page.

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