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The First Step to Great Skin Is a Visia® Skin Analysis

Aesthetic treatments have the power to minimize lines and wrinkles, restore volume, revitalize your skin tone, and much more. But your face is unique — so why should you settle for a skin treatment plan that’s not?

At SkinReMEDI, we believe that your aesthetic treatments should be tailored to your skin, and that’s why we offer Visia® Skin Analysis consultations to all our clients. Visia is a cutting-edge platform that assesses your skin from the inside out in a painless, noninvasive process.

Visia generates specific results detailing your skin’s imperfections so we can create a targeted treatment plan. If you’re interested in aesthetic treatments to improve your skin’s appearance, Visia Skin Analysis is the first step to achieving great skin.

Visia Skin Analysis goes beyond the surface

Some types of skin issues, like lines and wrinkles, can be identified with a visual exam. But many common issues, like sun damage and hyperpigmentation, start below the surface where they can’t be seen. 

Visia Skin Analysis is a top-of-the-line imaging system designed for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. The system uses IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV photography, to capture and measure surface-level and subsurface skin conditions.

The device is equipped with multi-point positioning to capture images of your face from every angle, including the left, right, and front. Live image overlays give detailed insights about the extent of cosmetic conditions.

Your skin analysis evaluates the severity of many common skin imperfections, including:

Skin analysis with Visia offers benefits with nearly every aesthetic procedure. Whether you know exactly what type of procedure you’re interested in, or you’re simply wondering how you can enhance your appearance, Visia gives our aesthetic team useful insights that we use to create your personalized treatment plan.

What to expect with your Visia Skin Analysis

Visia Skin Analysis is completely noninvasive, so there’s nothing you need to do before coming in for your appointment. We recommend taking off your makeup before the analysis so your results aren’t affected.

We prepare your face, and you rest your head on a chin rest. Visia Skin Analysis captures detailed images of your face in just a few minutes. Your images appear on a computer screen, and you and your aesthetician review your results together.

We develop an aesthetic treatment plan that fits your needs and your goals, based on your Visia Skin Analysis results. Detailed results mean we can choose the exact aesthetic treatments to give you the best possible results.

We may recommend additional analyses with Visia to track your progress. Depending on the type of aesthetic services you choose, Visia can help us see how the treatments are working to improve those cosmetic imperfections.

Get personalized aesthetic services backed by the power of Visia Skin Analysis technology. Call our Atlanta or Alpharetta, Georgia office or request a consultation online to learn more.

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