Turn Back the Clock This Year with Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The year 2020 might ring in a new decade, but that doesn’t mean you have to look a decade older. Sun damage, aging skin, stress, and more can contribute to tired-looking, sagging skin that makes you look older than you feel inside. 

But with skin rejuvenation treatment, you have the power to turn back the clock this year. Skin rejuvenation includes a host of effective cosmetic treatments from chemical peels and laser therapy to injectables and microneedling. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to feel more confident in your skin, the team at SkinReMEDI is here to help. Our aestheticians combine their expertise with cutting-edge skin analysis techniques to develop customized skin rejuvenation treatment plans for women and men. 

Find the right skin rejuvenation treatment for you

At SkinReMEDI, our aesthetic experts are highly trained in diagnosing your unique skin concerns. We take the time to understand your goals for treatment, helping you determine which rejuvenation procedures are right for your skin.

Here are some of the top skin rejuvenation treatments we offer at SkinReMEDI.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are facials that target superficial lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and many other cosmetic issues. They range in strength from light “lunchtime” peels to deep peels with dramatic results. Peels exfoliate your skin to reveal fresher, smoother skin beneath.


Another noninvasive treatment for skin rejuvenation is dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a gentle skin resurfacing treatment that eliminates the buildup of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. When you get dermaplaning, your skin is smoother and more luminous.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy

IPL therapy, also called photofacial treatment, is a laser treatment that addresses skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other types of discoloration. It uses bursts of light to encourage your body’s natural healing response. Light therapy triggers new skin cell growth to give you smoother, more even-looking skin.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that has the power to increase volume, minimize lines and wrinkles, and even out your skin tone. Treatment involves creating tiny wounds in the surface of your skin with sterile needles. These wounds trigger your body to generate new, healthy skin cells to enhance your skin’s appearance.


Our team offers a complete suite of injectable treatments to smooth skin and minimize lines and wrinkles. We have BOTOX® and Dysport® for tough, deep-set dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and eyebrows. Juvederm® and Restylane® are dermal fillers that can restore volume, lift cheeks, and plump lips to revitalize your facial features. 

Depending on your unique skin concerns, there’s a skin rejuvenation treatment for you at SkinReMEDI. We can combine a series of treatments to target your trouble spots and boost your confidence. 

If you’re bothered by lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging, you could benefit from treatments like IPL or injectables. If you have scars, microneedling or a chemical peel could give you skin you can’t wait to show off.

Some treatments give you immediately glowing skin, while others tap into your body’s natural healing power and results develop over the following months. Whichever treatments you choose, you can be confident in our expertise. The winter months are also the best time of year for skin rejuvenation treatments due to the sun being less intense during those months.

Don’t let another year go by if you’re feeling less than your best. Get younger-looking, beautiful skin this year with skin rejuvenation treatment. Book your first appointment online or call one of our clinics in Atlanta or Alpharetta, Georgia, today.

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