Botox® treatments are quick and effective way to prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth out fine lines to restore a more youthful look. Botox is an FDA-approved product that is administered by one of SkinReMEDI’s expert medical providers to deliver natural and long-lasting results. SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa in Atlanta providers will personalize a treatment plan to help you meet your skincare goals. Each treatment is provided in a relaxing day spa setting with minimal discomfort and can be combined with other cosmetic treatments like a Juvederm Collection of fillers or SkinMedica Chemical Peels to enhance anti-aging results.

Male receiving Botox treatment

Botox Q & A

How does Botox® work?

Botox is a neuromodulator injectable that contains a purified form of a naturally occurring toxin. This solution prevents cell signaling involved in muscle movements, including contracting and twitching, so skin can smooth out and wrinkles can resolve quickly.

But Botox is only designed to be injected into specific muscles. This way, surrounding muscles can function as normal and you can continue to make your usual facial expressions. No need to worry about a frozen look.

As an alternative to Botox, you may opt for Dysport®, which is another type of neuromodulator injectable. Both types of anti-aging treatments work similarly, but one may be more effective over the other, depending on your unique needs.  

What can I expect from Botox®?

Botox (as well as Dysport) involves making just a few small injections over a targeted area. To ensure you’re entirely comfortable during your visit, your skin care expert at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa may recommend coming in early to apply a topical numbing cream. Typically clients report feeling a small pinch from the needle.

All you have to do is lie back and relax during your appointment as your aesthetician walks you through each step. Botox quickly goes to work to target lines, grooves, and wrinkles that leave you feeling uncomfortable about your skin. Your Botox treatment is ideal for:

  • Getting rid of frown lines between your brows
  • Smoothing out forehead lines
  • Softening crow’s feet

Because your Botox service at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa is entirely personalized to your specific concerns, you may be able to have other areas treated, or even add on dermal fillers (including Juvéderm®).

When will I have results with Botox®?

Botox, as well as Dysport, is entirely fast-acting. You may find that you have a little redness or soreness at the injection sites, although these minor side effects often fade away within a few hours.  

While you may start noticing that your skin is smoother and younger-looking than ever before the same day as your treatment at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa, in most cases, optimal results occur within about 24-48 hours.

Find out how Botox can enhance your natural beauty by booking a consultation at SkinReMEDI by Natural Body Spa today. Schedule online or call either medical spa directly to book a visit.

Individual results may vary.

Before & After Gallery

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Female client before and after being treated with Botox and Juvéderm® Voluma™ XC


Client was treated with Botox® to her glabellar area (also knowns as 11s), forehead and around her eyes (also known as crow’s feet), to erase the lines and soften her look. Cheeks were treated with Juvéderm® Voluma™ XC to lift and lighten all shadows around eyes and face.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary. Photos in our online gallery are of actual patients of our practice who have provided consent to display their pictures online.

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